snippets, tracks and work-in-progress files

this files comes from the CDN - when available

these files are not finished, nor to use in public audience!
the material is not to copy, share nor usage without permission!

this page wants to show, some kind of music which is made
on the computer, mostly using software and some samples.

using a mobile device, like ios or android should play the stuff as well.
download of files is possible the same way, right click -> save as ...

somehow, chrome is more robust during the playback, then firefox
so try alternatives, when an error occurs.

if u might like a track, tell us:

the filenames are not what the song is might sounding, projectnames would fit it better.
the list is not complete nor shows it the ancious stuff from the nineties!

songs were made in cooperation with different people!

no mastering nor leveling was done on the tracks!

the tracks were mostly exported with 32bit on 44.1khz and later encoded
with vlc media player to mp3 with 192kbits on the same sample rate!

the beta period is comming very soon, send us an email, if u want to place
a registration in advance to:
this files comes from the CDN - when available

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